PS5 Store commerce Checkout experience
After launching PlayStation's New Commerce/Store ExperienceRevenue increased 40% to $8.4 billion, partly driven by PS5 and Digital Products sales. Operating profit was up by 50% to $763.3 million because of Higher Digital Game Sales, PlayStation Plus subscriptions, and better margins on PS4 hardware.
Sony’s gaming business overall performed much better than a year before, with analyst noting that it was actually the best quarter in PlayStation history.​​​​​​​
Create a simple, fast, and easy commerce checkout experience that can be accessed from anywhere
65% users abandon checkout
9+ steps to complete purchase
2 different entry points
Steps from Purchase to Download

buying pattern
95% customers purchase one item per transaction
20% users complete more than one transaction per session


Need to simplify the number of steps and the process, expose the cart to a customer only when necessary and reduce friction to have only the most optimal steps to purchase

1. Reduce steps from 9 steps
The Previous Experience to the New Experience
2. Merge into ​​​​​​​One Entry Point
The Previous Experience to the New Experience​​​​​​​
ux solutions

Based on the above problems identified, worked towards addressing these pains by coming up with potential solutions

Frictionless 2-Step ​​​​​​​Checkout
New checkout process, Reduced the number of steps from 9+ to 2 steps
Post Checkout Experience - Download
Gamers will be able to initiate a download from confirmation screen as an option.
 d d
Persistent Cart & Checkout from Anywhere
Gamers will be able to start and end their purchase experience on any type of platforms.
This side panel, new newly designed, contains all checkout-related steps.
In-Cart Legal Requirements
In order to satisfy all the legal requirements for all features of commerce experience
User Testing Findings
Conducted usability testing sessions with our primary users to validate whether the new designs would solve their problems.
Upsell Screens 
Conducted a UX review of each front-end ticket that was implemented to ensure it was aligned with the designs before it went live
final design
Successfully provided players a simple, fast, and easy commerce checkout experience to get all the content they need to play from anywhere they want​​​​​​​
Before & After

previous experience


new checkout  experience


Playstation 5 - commerce experience​​​​​​​
feature planning  •  User Research  •  ui/UX Design •  2020
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