American Express
everyday credit card

In 2013, American Express launched the new product, Amex EveryDay Credit Card.  I created UI Visual design for iOS Application and Splash Website’s successfully.  Worked closely with Senior Creative Director, UX Architect team, and Marketing team.
Everyday Credit Card’s target audience was mid 20’s to 30’s women with over 60k salary in single/married status. One of Everyday Credit Card’s benefits is getting 20% points more on these purchase 2x points on the supermarket categories when users use this credit card more than 20 times.
ui/ux design  •  2013

From demotivating Excel-like interface of finance product to dopamine-rewarding gamification

Design approach

"reflecting women's ordinary everyday life"
Throughout the creative process, we successfully turned boring traditional finance design into something look familiar around us with women’s daily routine and their ordinary life.  Layout with their everyday objects they are seeing around their ordinary life on overall visual design. After launching this product with this solid creative direction, Tina Fey’s digital campaign “Everyday Genius” was on board. It was the perfect strategy for making the brand more relatable and relevant to users as they experience with all the objects around them.
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